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Nation-A-Go-Go with C. Adolph (Part 2)

Keeping a vigilant watch outside the Temple of DendurPlotting revolution in front of a Shepard Fairey at the Italian MarketCelebrating my new bovine brethren in DairylandCursing the capitalist running dog lackeys in a vodka freezer outside Minsk

Subject of government biodome experiment somewhere near TucsonEnvisioning my own "Heart of Darkness" empire in the jungles of Borneo

In the disguise of an Asshole Patriot while infiltrating the Tea Party in Philly

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Dearest Chip,

Imagine my saying this - while doing a bad imitation of you: "You are such a douchebag!"

Love and all that,


May 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLance Lyle

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