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Randroid Visitor

It has been a privilege to host my conservatarian brother-in-law this week (the ethically challenged, uncogent, historical revisionist known to this blog as "Fitz" in the comment sections). As his visit transpired a theme began to emerge. Noticeably, he was being dressed up in silly shit and photographed - at the German beer hall, the art museum, the brewery tour and the river walk. He was quite the sport and reasonably well behaved for a blustery Randroid known to constantly voice a misguided opinion or seven. Needless to say, I amp up the leftist rhetoric just to break his balls. Enjoy.

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It shall come as no surprise that while in the company of the mostly affable lunatics, I felt compelled to sleep with the door locked and my clothes on. The fight against unrestrained diversity continues apace...

August 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterFitz

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