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Good News Everyone!

The douchebag is retiring. Now, at least I don't have to travel over to Connecticut in a few years and fulfill my promise of tirelessly kicking every asshole in the teeth who would have re-elected this self-serving, duplicitous, war-mongering monster of Zion.



As usual, Glenn Greenwald sums up this shameless whore best:

But the blood on Joe Lieberman's hands is accounted for by far more than support for the Iraq War. He's long been one of Washington's most indiscriminate, toxic and deceitful supporters of aggressive war generally.  Even as the two wars he cheered on were spiraling out of control, he was repeatedly urging new American attacks against Iran, Syria and, most recently, Yemen. Lieberman -- who, needless to say, never served in the military nor have any of his children -- devoted his entire career to attempting to send other Americans' children to fight war after war after war. It's perfectly fine in D.C. circles to talk about the Iraq War as a "mistake," but assigning responsibility for the human suffering and devastation it unleashed is simply not done. And, of course, the number one rule of Washington is that high-level political officials should not be held accountable, even reputationally, for anything they do (Look Forward, Good Citizens, Not Backwards).

Let's just see him try to strive for higher office. His Vice Presidency candidacy in 2000 already cost us eight years of G.W. Bush. And every "liberal" blamed Ralph Nader and the hippies. Bachmann/Lieberman in 2012? The mind reels.

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